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The Original Chapter #1 of the 700 Bowling Clubs of America

In 1942, Ferdinand (Ferd) John Lipovetz created the first 700 Bowling Club of America for any and all male bowlers who had bowled a sanctioned 700 series in league or tournament play.  The La Crosse, Wisconsin Chapter was the very first in America, and is now known as the 700 Bowling Club of America Chapter # 1.  The club started with 48 members and 2 honorary “turnkey” members. Ferd wrote its constitution and bylaws and invented the officers and “initiation”.  He designed the 700 Club with two meetings / parties a year: one with the focus being initiation and the other for business.  He designed the logos for the club as well. Additionally, he helped organize the La Crosse City Bowling Association in 1941.  Before his death in 1963, he oversaw the installation of over 80 - 700 Club chapters nationwide.  Ferd was inducted into the La Crosse Bowling Hall of Fame in 2017.


Final Results

79th Annual Chapter #1

700 Club Tournament


Sponsored by G.E.C.U. "The Friendly Credit Union” 

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Team Champions

You Dunnum Good

Jacob Dunnum, Mitch Hanson, Nick Daye, Scott Dunnum

2810 + 186 = 2996


Doubles Champions

Dan Soller/Jill Callan

1286 + 248 = 1534


Singles Champion

Kyle Tranberg

255 + 289 + 239 = 783 scratch

783 + 48 hdcp = 831


All- Events Champion

Kyle Tranberg

783 + 715 + 759 = 2257 scratch

2257 + 144 hdcp = 2401



Complete Standings


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Thank you 700 Club Members,

G.E.C.U. "The Friendly Credit Union” 

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King Pin- Gerry Betz

Pin Buoy- Jeff Greene

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*The 700 Bowling Club of America is open to any bowler, male or female, who has bowled a 700 series in a sanctioned league or tournament play.

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