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The Original Chapter #1 of the 700 Bowling Clubs of America

In 1942, Ferdinand (Ferd) John Lipovetz created the first 700 Bowling Club of America for any and all male bowlers who had bowled a sanctioned 700 series in league or tournament play.  The La Crosse, Wisconsin Chapter was the very first in America, and is now known as the 700 Bowling Club of America Chapter # 1.  The club started with 48 members and 2 honorary “turnkey” members. Ferd wrote its constitution and bylaws and invented the officers and “initiation”.  He designed the 700 Club with two meetings / parties a year: one with the focus being initiation and the other for business.  He designed the logos for the club as well. Additionally, he helped organize the La Crosse City Bowling Association in 1941.  Before his death in 1963, he oversaw the installation of over 80 - 700 Club chapters nationwide.  Ferd was inducted into the La Crosse Bowling Hall of Fame in 2017.



It's Tourney Time!!!
Announcing the 81st Annual
Chapter #1 of the 700 Bowling Clubs of America Tournament
Sponsored by G.E.C.U- "The Friendly Credit Union"
Coulee Golf Bowl 100 Green Coulee Rd, Onalaska
 call for reservations: 608-781-1111


Tourney Time!!! It's the greatest time of your bowling season folks!

Announcing the 81st Annual Chapter #1 700 Club Tournament

“Sponsored by G.E.C.U.”The Friendly Credit Union”


This year's tournament will be held at At Coulee Golf Bowl, 100 Green Coulee Rd, Onalaska

Squad dates:

Saturday, January 28th, 2023

Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Saturday, February 4th, 2023


Singles and Doubles Shift Times

Saturday, January 28th – 12:00 P.M. & 5:30 P.M.

Sunday, January 29th – 12:00 P.M.                      

Saturday, February 4th – 12:00 P.M. & 5:30 P.M.


Team Shift Times

Saturday, January 28th – 3:30 P.M.

Sunday, January 29th – 3:30 P.M.   

Saturday, February 4th – 3:30 P.M.


Entry Fees

Singles - $20.00 per Bowler

Doubles - $40.00 per Team

Team Event-$80.00 per Team

           All Events - $5.00 (Optional) Details

For Reservations call Coulee Golf Bowl 608-781-1111


Any questions call Jeff Greene at (608) 799-6409

Trophies will be awarded to the Singles, Doubles, Team, and All

Events Champions, and the first person who can consume more silos of PBR than

"Doubles"- James Jacobson

Pot games- scratch and handicap- will also be available with 100% payback!!!

***You cannot win if you don't get in!***


Final Results

81st Annual Chapter #1

700 Club Tournament

Standings after week 1:

Roger Carlson leading the way in all-events with a stellar 2323 (1999+324)

All In The Family leading team event with 2950 (2581+369)

In doubles, Zach Hanson and Damien Jamesson 1552 (1334+218) hold a slim margin over Derek Kozlak and Brad O'Connell at 1540 (1468+72).

Speaking of Damien Jamesson, he leads singles with an 813! (697+116)!

Notable scores from weekend one:

Jon Strangstalien had a 796 with a 298 in team event

Steve Langer 784 in team with a 299, 706 in doubles, and 703 in singles- Great tournament Steve! 2193 scratch all-events!

Jon Ness 750 in singles

Roger Carlson 723 in doubles

Geoffrey Betz 707 in singles

Julie Borzyskowski Moldenhauer 645 in doubles and 625 in singles, and 619 in team- W2G Julie!

Tiffany Winchester 614 in doubles and 609 in singles

Angela Simpson 607 in singles

Dina Jo Kneifl 688 in singles, 653 in doubles

Jill Beier-Callan 690 in team

Eric Pederson 709 in doubles

Randy Strangstalien 744 in team

Dan Stellner 717 in singles

Derek Kozlak 723 in singles

Brad O'Connell 769 in doubles

Jim Kesser 719 in doubles

"Curd" Nolan Callan 701 in team




2022 Results


Team Champions

Nicholas J's #2

Andy Mills, Terry McKinney, Greg Pizl, Rob Warren

2926 + 29 = 3025

(In case you're curious- 243 average per man)


Doubles Champions

Doubles: Dan Pintz/ Don Luce

1491+105 = 1596


Singles Champion

Eric Pederson

748 + 70 = 815


All- Events Champion

Drew Larson

2264 + 96 = 2360

(251 average 😮)


Honor Counts:

300 Games:

Gene Arentz 

Drew Larson

Jason Martin

Gary Olson

Dan Pintz

800 Series

Terry McKinney


Welcome New Members:

Rodney Miller (Hevy)

Ross Baxter

Doug Kuehn

Colin Fakler

Robert Dahl

Roger Carlson

Kaleb Hanson

Scott Engebretson

Tyler Bigalk

Ball Raffle Winners:

Rick Hall

Brandon Welke

Jonah Denstad

Jordan Podella

Dennis Rosendale (2)

Next years tournament will be at Coulee Golf Bowl on January 28th, 29th and February 4th. Hope to see you there!

Complete Standings


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Thank you 700 Club Members,

G.E.C.U. "The Friendly Credit Union” 

La Crosse Beverage / Miller Lite

sponsors, and All-Star Lanes for hosting!!! 


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King Pin- Gerry Betz

Pin Buoy- Jeff Greene

Contact Us:


Jeff Greene



Gerry Betz



*The 700 Bowling Club of America is open to any bowler, male or female, who has bowled a 700 series in a sanctioned league or tournament play.


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